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Weight training

Weight Training is also known as Strength training, resistance training, and muscular training.

The general definition of strength training is any physical movement in which you use your body weight or equipment (e.g., dumbbells and resistance bands) to build muscle mass, strength, and endurance.



With aerobic or cardio exercise, your muscles need more blood and oxygen than when they’re at rest. This causes your heart and lungs to work harder, which, over time, can make these parts of your body stronger.

And, as your heart and lungs become stronger, the flow of blood and oxygen in your body will also improve.

People Running on Treadmills
Workout with Ropes

Cross fit

CrossFit is more than just a workout. It is a lifestyle. It consists of combining the elements of optimal nutrition with safe and highly effective exercises.

It does not matter if you want to improve your health, shed a few pounds, defy your age, or increase your body’s performance, CrossFit will help.

It is an appropriate option for those that are just starting out and those that have years of experience in training and exercise.



Karate practice strengthens the mind, develops composure, a clearer thought process, deeper insight into one’s mental capabilities, and more self-confidence.

It strengthens the entire body, improves coordination, quickens reflexes, builds stamina and overall health.

It values courtesy, integrity, humility, justice, honor, and self-control.

Zumba Class


Zumba is one of the most fun and versatile fitness crazes to come along in a long time. Classes can be geared for just about any fitness level. Though most Zumba involves high-impact moves like bouncing and jumping, it can be modified to meet your needs.

If you want an overall strength training program, look for a Zumba class that incorporates some light weights for your upper body.



Yoga offers physical and mental health benefits for people of all ages. And, if you’re going through an illness, recovering from surgery or living with a chronic condition, yoga can become an integral part of your treatment and potentially hasten healing. 

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